Our Story

We’re all about goodness… AND THAT STARTS WITH BEER!

Good beer sits at the core of everything we do – and good things flow from there.

This all started with a group of beer loving mates and a dream to start our own brewery…

The catalyst to turn our dream into a reality came when we were inspired by a mate suffering from, and raising funds for, ‘The Beast’ of a disease – Motor Neurone Disease (MND).  We’d already had the conversation “Imagine if every beer we ever had did a little good in the world” so we decided we should combine our love of beer with our philanthropic ideals, and support our mate in his quest to help find a cure.

We kicked things off by creating our first beer – the 141 – and enlisted the support of around 50 Melbourne pubs in an attempt to create Victoria’s most charitable happy hour. It was a cracking success… so now we’ve continued on from where we started – living our beer dream, while raising funds to support our mate’s cause.

We champion good beer, celebrate the good things in life, and always give back by making a donation to Fight MND with every beer sold. With your support, we hope to pour out the goodness for years to come.

Good Beer. Good Deeds. Good Times.

Our people

David Neitz

Neita’s introduction to craft was back in 2009 on a trip to Belgium… from there he has taken the lead role in turning Brewmanity from a conversation between mates to the development of the inaugural Brewmanity brew.

He has a strong personal connection with the Fight MND Foundation, and is passionate about making a difference, both in beer and the fight against MND.

Jamie Fox

Foxy has been involved in beer for over 25 years and played a key role in the pioneering days of craft, bringing many of the early Matilda Bay brews to market.

He was a key influence in getting Brewmanity off the ground from the beginning… and and he reckons lifes much better in the independent beer scene

Michael Jontef

Mick has a huge history in brewing,
dating back to 1973 at CUB, as well as a lifetime of work supporting Craft Brewers around Australia.

As our ‘Chief de Beers’, Mick has been the key to our recipe development and brewing quality from the outset. We all have our say… but Mick has the final one! As our go to man for all things beer and brewery, Mick is passionate about balanced beers that are true to style and with enough juice to put a smile on your face.

Paul Hopgood

Paul’s love of beer led him to hospitality back in 1998 when he took over the Crockford Bay Hotel in Port Melbourne. There his passion for great tasting beer grew from strength to strength.

He stepped out of the hospitality game for a few years, but once again his love for a good beer has drawn him back. Paul also has a strong connection to the Fight MND Foundation, and loves that every beer can help to make a difference.

For Purpose
For Profit

We believe in using the power of beer to
create a positive impact.
We are not a charity, but we do want to make a difference